Monday, September 29, 2014

Tears of Despair

Dear Brightness,

Last night I watched parenthood movie series. I did cry a little while watching that show, but this each episode really touch my heart because in it, 20-year-old boyfriend Alex dumps 18-year-old Haddie. He broke up with her simply because he felt out of love for her. He just does not have feelings for her anymore. It hit me so hard are because of both Haddie and her mother, who is pained by her daughter’s heartache.It remind me of my past.
Daughter, this kind of breakup is the worst. When a boy dumps you, you almost want it to be the result of something you have done wrong, so you know exactly what happened that made him want to leave. However, when he tells you he no longer is attracted to you, it is so hard not to feel badly about yourself. You will ask yourself questions repeatedly: “Does he think I’m ugly and look stupid ? Did I annoy him? Is there someone else?” But it did and the man you cared about is gone.
However, there actually is a positive side to this. You will survive this, after all. It will get better every day and someday, unbelievably.
 I’ve had a painful breakup in my past, and I know I’m a much stronger woman because of them who hurt me. I never hurt anybody, i never lie to anybody, i never deceive anybody then also i get all these. The thing, which I love most, is my mom, then my friend before he came to my life. We dream so many beautiful things together; we planned many things for our life. We used to talk that we gonna tell out love story to our kids when we grow old. The way he loved me and the way he cared me that was WOW!!!, i never felt such an wonderful feelings, he gave me reasons to live, he gave me reason to fight, he gave me such an strength that no one or nothing can make me down. All things I got from him made me feel complete, especially for a woman like me who was away from home. Finally, all these things turned red.
I’m depressed and lost.
However, I can handle it better because I’ve lived through it and survived it.

It pains me to think that you might someday experience a breakup like the one Haddie did or like me. Don’t going to let anyone play with you. But I know you will bounce back from it and will be stronger because of it. Any time you need to hear a reason why you are worthy to be loved well… I’ll give you million and more.

Love you forever
May May

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